Broome County Legislature
2nd District



I am a small business owner and a part-time farmer,
and as many of you know firsthand,
a high school technology teacher who retired
after 33 years at Windsor Central Schools.
I'm a life-long resident of Windsor, and live
in south Windsor with Christine, my wife of
more than 40 years, on the land where
my grandparents had established their dairy farm.

I value hard work, personal responsibility, and
fiscal prudence.
As those who know me
will tell you, and as my record demonstrates,
I do not work through labels and rigid ideology
but judge projects, proposals, and people
on their individual merits.

I'm grateful that voters have done the same
for me for the three terms now
that I have had the privilege of serving
as the legislator from District Nine.

There's lots more I'd like to accomplish
for our community. I look forward
--with your help!--to the opportunity
to continue to work hard
for the newly-configured District Two.

Email me with suggestions
for our district.


As a parent of young adults, I am acutely aware of how many of our young people
leave the area because they cannot find the necessary opportunities here.
I have worked and will continue to work for policies that will sustain the vitality
of our area without losing what makes life here so attractive–
our appealing natural surroundings and community-minded hometowns.

There are no simple answers, but I come to these challenges with a solid record
of achievement. I hope you'll take a few minutes to look over the site
and learn about the projects I have already worked on
and brought to completion over the last six years,
and of my plans for the years ahead.

As your legislator my goal is always to work towards making our region
a place that offers the kinds of opportunities that both preserve
our quality of life and give our bright young people the chance
to stay and carry us forward into the future.

Steve with his granddaughter, Jillian, and above with his grandson, Nate.


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last updated 10/26/2014

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